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MacBike rental Amsterdam

Navigate Amsterdam with Ease and save 25% on your MacBike rental with a Nightlife Ticket

Be like an Amsterdammer and get your bike to hop from one place to the other. It’s not only clean and fast, it’s also brings you anywhere at the time that is convenient for you. Whether it’s night-time or daytime: you’ll see better by bike!

This is what Katie from Ireland wrote to us:
“After visiting 3 clubs in the outskirts of the city we were stopped by the police. We were afraid they would use a breathalyser on us (we had a few drinks), but they only helped us to switch on the bicycle lighting and wished us a pleasant stay. Next day we spoke to an old Dutch guy in the hotel restaurant and he told us we must have rode over 20 kilometres (!) and that we saved at least € 60,- on taxi costs.
That’s why we want to thank you for the bikes and compliment you with your helpful staff.“

This is what Marissa from Vancouver says about biking in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the world centres of daily biking. If you arrive and need a daily-use bike, the place to go is MacBike. Good bikes, good locks and of course, Amsterdam provides bike paths, parks and a bike culture like no where else. People on bikes zip around with a special radar, moving swiftly and steadily.

They spin along, lean into corners, go across crowded intersections with a sixth sense steering clear of obstacles, cars and other bikers. MacBike bikes are solid and heavy with chain guards so no pant legs get caught. They also provide good maps for getting around.

As a Montrealer blessed with the challenges of slopes and grades wherever one bikes, Amsterdam’s flat landscape with canal and river vistas is a nice glimpse of Paradise.

So what are you waiting for? Book your Nightlife Ticket here and Head to one of the MacBike stores and get the best bikes in town!

MacBike Rental Amsterdam Nightlife