Why You Should Visit the Heineken Experience Amsterdam

One of the best places in Amsterdam you can ever have the pleasure to enjoy is the Heineken experience. It is also among the city’s most infamous attractions with good reason. Initially, the factory was the production center of different types of beer. However, in 1988, it was moved away from the city to a larger facility in order to increase production and meet the demand.

The former brewery at the center of Amsterdam turned into a place where beer lovers could go back in time and learn about the origins of Heineken.

The Heineken experience is now a museum that sees visitors from all over Europe and the world. Having opened its doors in 2001, its popularity has been on an upwards trend ever since. With its four floors, you will come across brewing artefacts, and multimedia exhibits.

heineken experience amsterdam

So what sparks peoples’ interest with the Heineken experience?

Well, you are going to guide yourself through the museum, enjoy some great tasting beer as you learn about the history of the factory, the origins of the Heineken logo and so much more.

There is a lot you are going to see during your Heineken brewery tour.

You are taken back in history to a time when huge copper tanks used to brew the first Heineken beer. There are also the old advertisements that were used by the company back in the day.

Take a walk to the museum bar where you will get the chance to draft your own beer. The information is presented to you in high-tech. To make the experience even more enhanced, you can choose between different languages including Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian as well as German, Chinese and Russian.

Once you have had the pleasure of walking through the museum and learnt as much as you can on the tour, you are now ready to sit down and enjoy a few refreshing drinks. Anyone can take a tour and you do not have to be a regular drinker to enjoy the Heineken experience.
There are also non-alcoholic drinks available.

Let’s not forget the part where you try your hand at drafting your own beer.
Do you believe you were born with a beer brewing talent that needs a venue?
The Heineken experience provides you with a chance to try it out.
It is one of the best things you can do during your stay in Amsterdam.
The whole tour will take around an hour and a half.

Whenever you are close to the center of Amsterdam, break in on Stadhouderskade 78.
The Heineken experience is open form Monday to Thursday from 10.30 AM to 7.30PM and Friday to Sunday from 10.30 AM to 9.00PM.

Heineken Experience Amsterdam

Yet the party has just begun. When the sun goes down and you have had an eventful experience at the Heineken experience, its time to party through the night. Amsterdam is never short of awesome nightclubs where you can have more drinks, listen to music and dance.

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