FlickBike | Travel with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Get around Amsterdam easily with Flickbike.

Navigate Amsterdam with Ease

Navigating Amsterdam can be tricky for those who haven’t before. They don’t call it the city of bikes for no reason.. So here we are. You must be thinking of going to a bike rental shop, waiting in lines, and paying a pretty penny for just a few hours of riding. Doesn’t sound too good, right? Well, FlickBike is taking this city by storm.

No more long lines for rentals, no more asking for public transportation directions, taking the wrong tram, and ending up on the opposite side of the city.

With FlickBike you can unlock bikes all over Amsterdam with just an app. Bikes can be located anywhere and are ready to ride when you are. A fun and new alternative for traveling around Amsterdam. Simply make an account, enter your information, find a FlickBike and get exploring.

Find. Ride. Drop.

FlickBike is meant for you and your schedule, whatever it may be. Locating a bike is easy as they can be found at just about every corner of this city. Public transportation, while effective, it can cost a great deal. Cut your travel time in half and travel like a true Dutchman throughout Amsterdam with FlickBike. This new phenomenon is becoming popular with locals, great for late nights, and an brilliant and exciting option for explorers and tourists.

Lucky for you, Flickbike and Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket have been working together to provide nightlife ticket customers with 2 free hours of Flickbike credit. Use this new tool to make your time here in Amsterdam easy, cheap, and most importantly, fun.

Kick curfews to the curb and plan your nights out how you want them, and as late as you want them. Thanks to Flickbike, the fun never has to stop.

Please Note: As Flickbike becomes increasingly popular, people have been leaving them in illegal bike parking places. As a result these bikes have been removed by the city. Please take care to park your bikes in the legal bike parking areas so that everyone can enjoy a ride.

Save the hassle of finding a taxi, explore Amsterdam with the Flickbike app.