Explore your nightlife experiences, perks, bars and clubs located in Leidsesquare. Here you will find information on the participating Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket locations in this area and more. If you are interested in learning about another area in Amsterdam, please click here.



The Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe is not only a place where you can consume typical Amsterdam drinks and food, but it is also a great location for starting your evening. With your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket, you always get 2 for 1 cocktails, 7 days a week.. Hard Rock Cafe spends time on making great deals with pop stars like Rihanna to donate her favourite items. They have a corner with memorabilia with outfits, signatures and music notations.


Sun – Thur 11:30 – 24:00
Fri & Sat 11:30 – 01:00

The Experience

The Hard Rock Cafe is one of the most famous places in Amsterdam. You can not only enjoy dinner and drinks, but also experience canals, live music and pop culture. You can experience the restaurant, the bar and the shop where you can buy souvenirs. For only 20 euros you can consume breakfast in combination with a cruise. Every day at Hard Rock Cafe is interesting and different.


Sun – Thur 09:00 – 24:00
Fri & Sat 09:00 – 01:00


Explore leidsesquare and try your luck at the holland casino.

The Club

In Amsterdam, we have a lot of gambling centres, but the biggest and most famous one is The Holland Casino. Even if you are not a great fan of gambling you can still have an amazing experience here. The interior is very chic, full of lights and it has a big bar with several bartenders. You can get in for free with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and just look around or you take a spin and hopefully win a large amount of money! Everything is well arranged, like the wardrobe, game explanations, drinks and more. You can enjoy yourself with a nice dinner at The Holland Casino.

General Information

With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you will receive free entrance and free cocktail/beverage of choice at Holland Casino.

Feeling like partying? The popular Club Lido is located inside of the Holland Casino and awaits you every Friday and Saturday nights. Free club entry is also included.

Holland Casino Amsterdam is open for seven days a week from 12:00 pm until 03:00 am. The restaurant is open from 17:00 pm until 02;00 am. For more information check our website.


Double up your beer at Craft and Draft, located near Leidsesquare.

The Spot

Craft and Draft is located near the city centre. The concept of Craft and Draft is very unique and offers several activities and, of course a lot of beer. Except for the bar they also have a shop with goodies to take back home. You can decide to drink your beer at the spot or you can order beer in a growler to take away! They have more than 40 types of beer that comes from taps. If you decide to take away a growler with beer you can choose among more than 100 brands! That is really amazing.

The Experience

Every first Tuesday of the month Craft and Draft organises a beer tasting night. You can taste three different beers including snacks. A brewer will tell you everything you need to know about the beer you are tasting. So you will not only drink beer but also become a little bit of a beer genius. Beer in Amsterdam is very popular! You will feel like you are in a pub in Amsterdam. Craft and Draft also organise tours where you can get a free t-shirt. This is a great way to discover Amsterdam. Check their website for more information about the tour. am.



The Club

Situated in a  former milk factory, Melkweg offers the ultimate in clubbing experience. It is one of the most famous clubs located in Leidseplein. With an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, enjoy the best of what Melkweg has to offer for less. At only €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days, you can enjoy free access to the nightclub

The Experience

There are plenty of diverse programs that you can enjoy. There is also live performances from local and international musicians, cocktails, as well as events such as the cheeky Monday that is, of course, held every Monday.



The Club

Located Leidseplein, Nova Club is hard to miss with its huge blue steel door. It is open for six days every week. Check-in from Monday to Thursday between 11 pm to 3 am and Friday and Saturday between 11 pm to 4 am.

The Experience

Purchase the Amsterdam nightlife tickets valued at only €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days to gain free access to club nova. Enjoy exciting events that are held every week such as the Dr. Fiesta or the Dolle Disdang.

Get on the dance floor and move to the great music or chill back at the sitting area surrounding the dance floor while sipping on your favorite drinks. Nova Club offers the right mix of excitement and comfort.  



The Club

Set in one of the best nightlife areas in Amsterdam, Sugarfactory is the ultimate music venue. Check in whenever you are in Leidseplein for great hits from local and international DJs and enjoy the best of house and electro. It is open for 7 days a week and has different agendas from Monday up to Thursday.

The Experience

Drawing in a mostly young crowd, The DJs play the best in electro music as well as other genres. Get yourself the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket to gain free access to the club any day of the week for only €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days.


Enjoy Leidsesquare at Amsterdamned, a true A'dam experience.

The Club

Club Amsterdamned is a typical Dutch café. They are known as the bar with one of the best shots and drinks in Amsterdam. This is a spot where you can start the nightlife, finish the nightlife or just party all night long! The Dutch people love this café as well. They have the best music and live dj’s.

The Experience

There is not much to say about this experience because you really need to experience it yourself. The bartenders and waitresses are always ready to give you the nightlife you deserve. Now and then Café Amsterdamned gives aways prizes such as free drinks or bottles with alcohol. We all love that, right? Every month you can buy ten shots for only 10 euro’s! Club Amsterdamned will choose the brand of the month! We do not need anything else I guess…


Attend Nightclub Candela in Leidsesquare.

The Club

In the heart of Amsterdam you find the nightclub, Candela. Candela is open for seven days a week and has the best live DJ’s and performances. The music is different every day and has a variety of House, life R&B, international pop and Latino on offer. You can start your evening at Candela or you can stay there the whole night. Candela has special drinks and with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, there is always something to experience.

The Experience

There are many performances like dancing shows in Candela. The staff is always in the party mood even if it is Monday. They are used to party people and they will always try to give you the best night of your life! Every day has its own special drinks. You will never be bored at Candela! It is located at Leidsesquare nearby a lot of other clubs and bars that are included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket!


café bubbels

The Club

Nightclub Bubbels is located in the middle of Amsterdam and well known by a lot of party people. Bubbels is open seven days a week. You can visit Nightclub Bubbels for a drink at any time. Every day there are live DJs and cosy bartenders. The aim is to make guests feel as comfortable as possible. Cafe Bubbels has several offers like free drinks or bottles with a big discount.

The Experience

Not only is this cafe open seven days a week, but it also offers great promotions and discounts. For example, you get three beers for the price of one! All these extras will give you value for money? All these extras can ensure that you not only spend money but can provide from the money that you spend! You are welcome at any time to make your evening at Nightclub Bubbels a success! If you are not done partying, Bubbels has several after parties. Check the website for more information.


Leidsesquare welcomes you, the Feest van Joop way.

The Club

Het Feest van joop is similar to Club Bubbels. The concept is almost the same except for the possibility to rent the location for birthday parties, events and work related parties. It can be possible that there is a private party going on and access can be denied. For a similar party, you can go to Club Bubbels. Het Feest Van Joop is a real phenomenon in the Amsterdam Leidsesquare. It is one of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam. It stands on space 39 to be exact.

The Experience

The room waiters, bartenders and djs are ready to give you the best party that you deserve. Now and then there are after parties. This will be announced on the Facebook page of ‘Het Feest Van Joop’. Check the page for more information about this topic! You will find a lot of party people from other countries but also people of Amsterdam. It is a great mix between different kind of people from all over the world.

NO.129 | CLUB

Welcome to Leidsesquare, one of the club districts in Amsterdam.

The Club

In the middle of the centre in Amsterdam, you find Club 129. This is a unique spot which many people visit. There are several national and international DJ’s every week, so the guests know exactly what to expect. They offer a lot of drinks in Amsterdam but Club 129 has a great variety of alcoholic drinks. Because of the regular customers, this club knows exactly how to entertain their guests. Because of the location near the Leidsesquare, Club 129 is always full of party people.

The Experience

Club 129 is open seven days a week and offers several sorts of discount for students and groups. Every day there is a party going on! They have a quote that says: “ Feel the addiction, we make it unforgettable”. For Club 129 it is very important that everybody has a great time. They have a professional photographer who makes pictures of everybody who visits the club. For a glimpse of the atmosphere look at their Facebook Page. They allow everybody to smoke inside. If you are a non-smoker, please be aware of the smoke inside the club. Everybody is welcome in Club 129 for having a great night out in Amsterdam.



The Shop

Douglas is a worldwide concept that is familiar to almost every woman. The shop exists for more than 50 years and can’t be missed in the make up industry and fashion world. Every top model in the world knows about Douglas. Of course, you can find a lot of brands in the shop like Chanel makeup, but Douglas is also successful by selling their own products.

The Experience

Every woman wants to look amazing but especially when going out. We from Amsterdam Nightlife would like to give the ladies some extra gifts. You can get a free touch-up before your great night out in Amsterdam. We know that almost every woman loves make up. You can visit all Douglas shops in Amsterdam. For the addresses you can click here. Check the Facebook Page of Douglas to see if there are discounts on their products.