Experience traditional dutch foods with your UberEATS discount and complete your Amsterdam experience. We have provided a list of Amsterdam’s best restaurants and bakeries that are home to some of the most finger-licking recipes in the city. From sweets to hardy meals, we have put together a list of our favorite places to get delicious, traditional dutch foods.

PLEASE NOTE: Each restaurant and bakery listed may have different opening and closing times. To avoid delaying your meal be sure to check the UberEATS app or website.

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1.) Kibbeling from Urker Viswinkel

(Fish Shop)

“Best fish + chips in Amsterdam.”

Description: Kibbeling is breaded white fish that is fried and served alongside garlic or tartar sauce. A delicious favorite and considered the dutch ‘Fish n’ Chips’.

2.) Bitterballen from Geflipt 

(Burger Grill)

Dutch Bitterballen

“Geflipt has it figured out. Try it.”

Description: Bitterballen or Bitterbal are small balls containing a mixture of flour, beef, and vegetables which are then breaded and fried to make one of the tastiest snacks you may have ever tried. A popular and classic dutch bar food that never gets old.

3.) Fresh Haring from Tijger & de Vis

(Fish & Burger Shop)

Fresh Dutch Haring

“The portions are very big and simply cooked fresh fish for very little money.”

Description: How could we leave out this dutch delicacy, Haring (also spelled Herring). Haring is a popular white fish that is eaten by holding the tail above your mouth and chowing down. It is a raw dish typically served alongside pickles and onions. This dish is for true fish lovers and those looking to try something exciting and new. A classic dutch dish.


1.) Stroopwafels from Ms Crumbs or Sweet Bob

(‘Syrup Waffles’)

Dutch Stroopwaffels

“Awesome damn waffles!” | “The second I walked into Bob’s I knew I’d made a good decision.”

Description: Stroopwafels or more literally ‘syrup waffle’ is a classic dutch treat. Made with drizzled caramel between two thin waffle cookies and served with coffee, it is the perfect way to finish off your meal. Here we couldn’t give just one option to try. Instead you can choose from Ms Crumbs and get a traditional stroopwafel, or switch is up and try Sweet Bob’s delicious new take on the stroopwafel with brazilian influence. Two unique experiences well worth the try.

2.) Poffertjes from Pannenkoekenhuis Candela

(Pancakes & Sweet Shop)

Dutch Poffertjes

“Best. Pancakes. Ever.”


Description: Poffertjes are mini dutch pancakes that are topped with powdered sugar and can (sometimes) be ordered with a chocolate drizzle. These are a dutch favorite and can be eaten for any occasion.

3.) Oliebollen from Bakker Bertram

(Dutch Bakery)

Dutch Olliebollen

“Local favorite that’s been around for over 100 years.”

Description: Oliebollen are fried balls of dough that can be made with or without raisins and is then topped with powdered sugar. This treat is typically served on New Years Eve and New Years Day in the Netherlands. A treat you cannot beat.