Visiting Amsterdam? Enjoy & Respect!

Amsterdam is a famously easy-going city with room for everybody, regardless of your nationality, political beliefs or sexual preference. Visitors and residents are free to be who they want to be, and have their views and choices respected. Hate crimes against members of the LGBTI community, other minority communities or religions will never, ever be tolerated.

Here are a few tips to take into account ahead of your visit to Amsterdam


Consuming alcoholic beverages in Amsterdam is only permitted at the designated locations.


Amsterdam has long been a city with freedom, positivity and tolerance at its heart. But with freedom comes responsibility, and tolerance goes hand in hand with respect.
Find out how to get the best out of Amsterdam without getting on the nerves of the locals and other visitors, or landing yourself one of these hefty fines.

Amsterdam prides itself on being a safe city, but remember to take extra precautions when you’re out and about. Only carry small amounts of cash, don’t leave drinks unattended and remain alert to pickpockets.
It’s also good to understand the laws around alcohol, drugs and prostitution to ensure that your visit to the Netherlands is as fun, safe and worry-free as possible.


(Noise) Nuisance on the streets is not tolerated in Amsterdam. Avoid high fines.


Amsterdam is famous as an open, creative, innovative and tolerant city, where the limits of what is allowed are wide. The city has an international reputation for freedom – the freedom to be who you are, believe what you like, and say what you think. But this freedom depends on a crucial precondition: mutual respect.

A conscious choice has been made for a positive, creative approach and for freedom of choice. Values that are important for the city of Amsterdam. We show the strength of Amsterdam, the city where you can enjoy your freedom, as long as you respect the city and its residents.


Always dispose of your waste in the appropriate waste bins and avoid heavy fines.


Amsterdam’s historic centre is a place where families live and communities thrive. Residents live harmoniously alongside visitors; as long as the visitors are able to behave with respect and decorum. It’s a two-way thing. You respect our city, we’ll respect you. The more social responsibility you show, the better your experience will be.

Respect our residents and keep your noise to a minimum. Put your litter in the bins and don’t soil people’s doorsteps.
Act like a grown-up and let people go about their lives in peace.

Fine prices

€140 for public urination

Definition: Urinating, defecating or vomiting in a public place. Here’s a handy map of public urinals in Amsterdam

€140 for littering

Definition: Dropping/leaving litter in public spaces such as streets, parks and squares

€140 for noise pollution

Definition: Disturbing the peace of local residents

€95 for drunkenness

Definition: Being drunk in public spaces such as streets, parks and squares.

Please note that it is forbidden to drink alcohol in public or carry open cans and bottles of alcoholic drinks in some parts of the city, including the Red Light District, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein.