Amsterdam Ice Bar—A Unique Experience!

Amsterdam Ice Bar is certainly one of the most amazing and breathtaking experiences that you do not want to miss out on. This is a cool joint to enjoy your best drinks.
Yes, it is cool in every sense of the word!

Kept under a constant temperature of -10 degrees Celsius, you will want to dress well before you can take a plunge into the Ice bar. Once inside you get a feeling that you’ve stepped into a portal and found yourself in the Arctic. But this is very much within the city of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Ice bar provides you with an experience unlike any other. Go on a journey as the Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz did in search of the north passage. If you want to know how it would feel like to go to the north pole, the Ice bar gives you a glimpse of the whiteness of the ice and the cool temperatures.


The experience is simply remarkable. Willem Barentsz came across many challenges brought about by the extreme cold weather. On his third and last voyage, he sailed until he came to an island called Nova Zembla. However, the weather struck again and the ship was caught between large icebergs. He had to make camp on the island, taking apart his ship and using it as a hut with his crew.

When the weather finally became clear, him and his crew built small boats which they used to sail to safety of civilization. The Ice bar takes you on this remarkable journey putting you into the shoes of the explorer. You will sit on ice and create warmth by sipping on alcohol.

If you are not well prepared, worry not! As soon as you enter the Ice bar, you will be provided with gloves and a heavy coat. It’s time to go on an adventure to the Arctic.

You are guaranteed an absolutely amazing time at the Amsterdam Ice bar. Once you gain entry, the first bar you are going to come across is the heated front bar. You will already have 3 tokens, 2 silver tokens and one gold token. You will use these to exchange for drinks.

Order a Heineken beer, a glass of wine or simply take a non-alcoholic drink at the front heated bar by exchanging the gold token. As you progress, the temperature drops and soon you will find yourself in the actual Ice bar. Here you can have more drinks in exchange for the silver tokens.

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit the Amsterdam Ice bar. Among them is that it is situated in one of Amsterdam’s party zones. Find it at Amstel 194-196, 1017 AG Amsterdam. This is a bar unlike any other and its unique features means you simply cannot afford to miss it.

Amsterdam Ice bar is open every Sunday to Thursday from 12:30PM to 1:00AM, and Friday to Saturday from 12:30PM to 2:40AM.


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