Celebrate your Birthday in Amsterdam with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Celebrate Your Birthday in Amsterdam Party Nightlife

Amsterdam is a city packed with history, secrets and overall, funIf you or a loved one are thinking of celebrating their birthday in Amsterdam, look no further. We have collected unlimited weekly access to over 20 different nightclubs and bars5 nightlife experiences and a handful of perks like free Uber rides and UberEAT credits all included on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Planning a birthday party in Amsterdam? Excellent! You’ve come to the right city and the perfect place for some good party planning advice. Let us inspire you about ways to plan the best bash you or your bestie has ever experienced! First step? Getting that Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, of course. It will open the doors to all the good party spots in town and show you all the different ways you can design your celebration. Planning a fiesta with our help means you can leave your worries back home and pack for an unforgettable birthday party!

The Perfect Birthday Celebration

We know how it goes. The canceling plans, making new ones, making sure your friends approve, canceling more plans when they don’t… planning a party is hard work. On behalf of the Nightlife Ticket Team, we have brought you a selection of 30+ different nightclubs and bars, 7 different nightlife experiences as well as other assorted perks to make this the best night of your life. Below, we’ll show you a few different ways to approach a birthday in Amsterdam. But no matter which path you choose, they all lead to a remarkable night that will be spectacular in ways only Amsterdam does it.

Go Big or Go Home.

Put your fancy pants on and head over to one of the three ‘strict dress code’ locations in our Amsterdam Nightlife Repertoire. It’s your birthday and you were going to dress up anyway, so why not celebrate it in stylish company? Most Dutch people keep things casual in the dressing department, even when they go out, so take this opportunity to see their best side!

Blue Ivy Nightclub, located on Rembrandtplein, guarantees great RnB, hip-hop, urban and afro-house tunes and awesome looking people dancing to them. Party chic are the keywords for your dress code and those words seem to apply to the entire venue. It’s luxury, there are stunning areas for dancing, drinking and lounging, stylish cocktails and of course talented DJ’s doing their thing. It’s as welcoming as the rest of the city so don’t worry about falling out of tune, the people may look good, on the inside they’re still down to earth Amsterdammers.

Taking your party to Leidseplein? It’s in this spot we find another two extra pretty party locations, perfect for aging another year in style. Club Maïa is straight forward about the music and serves you their best RnB and hip-hop. The dress code leaves a little bit more to the imagination, or perhaps less if you focus on the ‘sexy & classy’ addition to the party chic instructions. Maïa isn’t just any nightclub and you don’t even have to make it past the entrance to realize that. The huge entryway, as well as the walls and large parts of the ceiling surrounding the dance floor, are covered in flowers and plants. Little lights hang from the roof as well to add to a very special fairy tale feel on a magical night. Add an excellent sound system and some slamming cocktails and your birthday is ready to make history.

Another option in the area is Nova Club. Hits, disco, eclectic, RnB and hip-hop; a selection that makes it a perfect place for a mixed audience. The dress code is strict, yet a little mysterious. ‘Dress to impress’ are your wardrobe guidelines for a night at Nova and we assure you, this spot is worth dressing up for. The interior was inspired by a famous French hotel and screams luxury. The staff knows how to take care of their visitors and Nova’s parties are always a little out of control. They treat every night like it could be their last, making it a perfect spot to honor the beginning of a new age.

Fancy one of these venues? Get your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and check out the calendar to see what’s on during your visit!

Amsterdam Birthday Parties

Classic Club Night

One of the places that fits this description like a glove is Paradiso. It’s one of the oldest night clubs in town and has given the stage to many national and international artists, often in times before they were discovered by the big crowds. Safe to say they have a nose for a great sound and the place for it too with awesome acoustics in an old church building. They celebrated 50 years of music in 2018 and big names like Prince, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones and many, many more have graced the stage. To this day Paradiso attracts a crowd that loves to party and loves good music. Your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gives you access to their famous ‘Noodlanding’ (emergency landing) on Thursdays. This night has been around for 20 years and is still going strong. Become part of the legend and head over to Paradiso!

Melkweg is another club that can’t be left out of any list. It’s just too good not to mention! The last remaining factory building in the area is their home and the huge building hosts parties, exhibitions, a movie theatre and Milk Cafe for daytime treats. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you get free access to the drum and bass night Cheeky Monday, Encore on Saturdays and Wicked Jazz Sounds on Sundays.

Rembrandtplein’s hottest spot is Escape, a place that’s been around for over 30 years. A seasoned club that knows exactly what their crowd wants. A wide range of musical options that have one thing in common: quality sounds and a venue offering an excellent party atmosphere.

I’ll be at the Bar

Looking for a good mix of music, Dutch ‘gezelligheid’, an intimate atmosphere, drinks poured with love by friendly bar staff and a crowd that’s always partying like it’s their birthday? One of Amsterdam’s smaller bars is definitely the place to be for you and your entourage.

Bubbels is probably the happiest place on the list and doesn’t the name say enough? The dress code is casual and the music is an audience-pleasing mix of hits, dance, live music and some Dutch jewels thrown in every now and then. The bar is your first stop, here you will be served a free shot upon showing your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. The next and final destination? The dance floor of course!

Hip-hop, house and RnB aren’t sounds you can only find in the bigger night clubs. And Club Smokey adds a little pop and hits to create a sound menu that pleases many ears. Opened seven nights a week and located at the famous Rembrandtplein that’s well known for its nightlife contribution.

Club Hartje goes all out with chart hits, dance music, hip-hop and a free welcome shot for Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket owners. Locals love it and live DJ’s supported by enthusiastic bar staff create a vibe that’s hard to resist. Celebrate your birthday on Hartje’s dance floor and start this new year of life with a bang!

Looking to shake things up? And by things, we mean your hips? El Punto Latino is your go-to destination for salsa, bachata and merengue. Latin lovers from far and wide know this is the club that moves them, seven nights a week. Don’t worry about finding a dance partner or keeping up, the crowd is mixed as usual so there’s always someone that catches your eye who can keep up with your moves (or the other way around).

Birthday in Amsterdam

VIP Nightlife Host(ess).

Amsterdam Nightlife’s got another trick up its sleeve to bring you a night of a lifetime. One that makes sure no one will get lost, everyone can keep their full attention on partying and checks out the hottest places in the hood. Our VIP host(ess) is ready to unveil Amsterdam’s best kept party secrets and takes you on a journey of exploring, dancing and free drinks!

This option is available seven days a week, so don’t worry about your birthday landing on a Monday this year. Everyone with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket can sign up, so your birthday will be celebrated big and you won’t be alone. On this night, our host will take the lead and bring you to some of the best places included in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. He or she knows exactly what’s on that night and where to find the best party, so you can save yourself some research and just let the night take you to one wonderful place to the next.

The meeting point is Amsterdam’s Hard Rock Cafe, at 8.30 pm every night. So start your evening with an early birthday dinner to make sure you’re well fed for what’s coming. Don’t worry about showing up thirsty, there will be plenty of drinks included.

Arriving early at the Hard Rock Cafe is also a good possibility, as your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket gets you 2 cocktails for the price of 1. Is there a better way to spend some time waiting for your VIP Nightlife Host? Count in some extra time for a delicious burger and the start of your evening is a guaranteed success. The cafe is conveniently located just off Leidseplein so you don’t have to go far to start the party. But we’d still suggest taking it a little easy on the cocktails (an extra dessert is fine though, you’ll be dancing till dawn!), the night is young and you’re only just getting started!

Experience More Fun

That big birthday party is the main course, but why not add a few sides in the shape of some special experiences that are included in your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket?

Visit Holland Casino if you feel this day will bring you a bit of extra luck or head over to the Powerzone to play 2 for 1 bowling, laser tag or glow in the dark mini golf! Or enjoy 2 for 1 entrance at Boom Chicago. They’ve mastered comedy over the past 25 years and provide Amsterdam with improvisation, stand-up comedy and theatrical shows. Making fun of everything Dutch in the best way possible is a skill they own, laughs guaranteed!

If you are celebrating your birthday in Amsterdam with a group and have bought several tickets, you are able to take advantage of several experiences and perks like Uber rides and UberEATS credits. If you want to have anything extra or a different package included in your program like a stripper, limousine or a VIP area (with drinks/bottles), just send a mail to! We will make sure that you and your group have the best Birthday Party ever! Welcome to Amsterdam, everything is possible here!

TIP: If you are celebrating your birthday in Amsterdam with a group and have bought several tickets, you are able to take advantage of several experiences and perks like Uber rides and UberEATS credits or extra admission to locations like PowerzoneThe more the merrier, Woo!