Whether it is your first time or your 4th time going out in Amsterdam, there is so much to discover!
There are new experiences around every corner, waiting to be discovered by you.
There are so many good options, it could even become overwhelming.

Here you will find some of the best Amsterdam Nightlife tips, to help you get the most out of your Nightlife experience in Amsterdam.
An Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is the best way to experience as much as possible, without breaking your wallet.
There are many benefits included, for example, free entrance to 20+ clubs, free shots and even extras like Uber and UberEATS discounts!

All About Amsterdam


If you are looking for a trip that offers new experiences at every turn, this is the one for you. A perfect getaway for the lone travelerscouples, and groups in the world. Now, imagine you had one ticket that would help you experience more for less? We know, it sounds too good to be true…

What to do in the Nightlife Districts of Amsterdam

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Ready to head out but not sure where to start? Enjoy planning your days easily by reading about whats on offer in each Amsterdam Nightlife district. All districts have several Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket locations available.

Ways to Plan Your Nights


First time in Amsterdam? Here you can read about all of the many different options and experiences that at your disposal with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. With your ticket, you are able to choose from several different topics, themes or whatever tickles your fancy. Just remember, anything is possible in Amsterdam.

What's Happening Tonight?


All dressed up but nowhere to go? Look at what’s happening tonight. Whether its Sunday, Monday or Saturday- there is always something to do and to see. With an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can see it all. Already been somewhere? Feel free to visit again for a brand new experience.

Unique Experiences, Food & Drinks


Chow down with killer discounts and deals. Here you can check out what you can order with an UberEATs discount, learn about popular Dutch foods, amazing drink deals, and more fantastic experiences. What are you waiting for?

Special Events & Holidays


Coming to Amsterdam during the Holiday Season? Check out which special deals and experiences are offered with the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Celebrate your holiday the right way and be the insider at all the coolest events from Kings Day to New Year’s Eve, there is always something to be doing.