Amsterdam is known in Holland as the city that never sleeps which also means ‘knowledge is power’. Read up about Amsterdam Nightlife Information and learn about the bars and nightclubs that are open to you 7 days a week. There are bars that are open every day and the larger nightclubs are usually open starting from Wednesday night. Rembrandt square has many popular nightclubs and bars such as Prime and club Escape. Starting from Thursday Escape entertains you with the best DJ’s at parties such as Big Night out and Epic on Sunday. With the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket, you get free entrance for two or seven days. Rembrandt square is one of the many places you can go if you are a real party animal, even in the middle of the week.

Read up on Amsterdam Nightlife Information and get informed on night-life.


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REMBRANDTPLEIN (Rembrandtsquare)

From Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein (Rembrandtsquare) is only a brisk 10 minute walk. Here you will find Amsterdam’s most famous nightclub Escape centred at the heart of this square. This large venue is hard to miss and should be visited when discovering the nightlife of Amsterdam.

Escape is always on top of the newest technologies in sound and visuals. The biggest DJ’s from the Netherlands perform here every week.
Opposite club Escape you will find the Urban-eclectic Club Prime, which is very popular amongst the locals and open every night of the week.

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LEIDSEPLEIN (Leidsesquare)

One of the most popular entertainment districts in Amsterdam goes by the name of Leidseplein or, as the Dutch know it, Leidsesquare. Here you will find dozens of unique nightclubs, party bars, and nightlife experiences all in one area.

Leidseplein is known by locals as a crazy clubbing district, and rightfully so. There is endless amounts of things to do in this area, and navigating this district is a breeze. All locations here are within walking distance of one another, and public transport lines run directly through, making it an easy arrival and departure.

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No visit to Amsterdam would be complete if you haven’t visited the most infamous area around: The Light District. From naughty peep-shows, adult stores and burlesque clubs to fantastic nightclubs like the Bubbels or Winston Kingdom. And of course, how could we forget? Take a walk through the famous red lights where you might just find the unexpected waiting for you…

The Red Light District has much to offer, but make sure you visit this area during the evening. This is because during the daytime the Red Light District seems like just a normal street. Many live in this area and commute to work, like every other day! Some experiences and bars here may be closed during the daytime.

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Amsterdam Nightlife Information is full of helpful tips to help you navigate with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.


In Amsterdam, you can find lively parties 7-days a week. For most of the locals, the party-week begins on a Thursday. This is also known as the student’s night out. If you decide to go out on a Thursday you will meet many locals and students attending these events. Thursdays go all out, especially Club Escapes Big-Night-Out. Expect some well known DJs and local favorites playing throughout the night.

While the busiest nights to go out are Thursdays through Saturdays, Amsterdam always has something going on. However, it can be tricky if you don’t know where to go and when. Some Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket club and experience locations aren’t always bustling 24/7.

Check out our ‘What’s on Tonight’ page to get a handy overview of what to do each day of your ticket.



The biggest casino and entertainment centre of Amsterdam ‘Holland Casino’ is located on the Max Euweplein, just around the corner of Leidseplein.

This is a must visit if you are feeling lucky or if you just want to relax and enjoy a drink in a great ambience.

The entrance fee at Holland Casino is 5 euro. Tip: Do not forget your ID card. No ID = No Entrance.
With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you will receive free admission at Holland Casino for 7 days including a free drink.

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Walk across the Max Euweplein and you will see the big glowing Hard Rock Cafe logo.
You probably know what to expect from this venue.
But if you are new to the concept of this world famous ‘place to be’ you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hop in for some of the best cocktails Amsterdam has to offer.
With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you get 2 for 1 on all cocktails every day.

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When planning to visit Amsterdam, be wary of entering with a larger group of guys. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right locations and experiences which suit your desires and group size. It wouldn’t do any harm to do a little bit of scheduling!

Some nightclubs and bars are happy to welcome large groups, but many dislike it.

To avoid disappointments here are some Tips: dress fresh, don’t look like a mess! Entering a nightclub looking well put together always helps. To make sure you all follow Amsterdam’s dress codes, check out our Amsterdam Dress Code Policies here.

Upon arrival to a club make sure that your groups guy-to-girl ratio is less or equal in number. A great trick to speed up entry time is splitting your group up into smaller ones. This is especially helpful if your group is mainly male.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Feel free to ask one of our Nightlife Representatives through our live-chat option on the bottom-left, or check out our FAQ page.