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Enjoy your Amsterdam Nightlife experience comfortably and choose one of our conveniently located hotels or hostels. Below you will find Nightlife’s recommendations, reviews and photos of each hotel/hostel as well as contact information and hours. We have selected these locations carefully so that the experiences, bars, clubs and shopping on the Nightlife Ticket are only a few minutes walk. For any further questions or concerns you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or our live-chat. We hope your stay in Amsterdam is a blast, see you soon!

Please Note: make sure to plan your stay in advance so you have the best and cheapest options for your stay!


Hotel Ibis Centre (Located near Amsterdam Central)

Hotel Ibis Amsterdam Centre is easy to reach and within 5 min walking distance from Amsterdam Central station.This hotel is suitable for business trips, days out, weekends or a 5-day holiday in Amsterdam. All places of interest in this historic center are within walking distance. Visit the Anne Frank House, the Royal Palace, walk along the famous canals of Amsterdam or in the cosy Jordaan area.

After a long day of exploring in the city it is time to get ready to have a few drinks or cocktails, then go on your big night out. From Central station you can get Tram 4 to Rembrandtplein, starting your night with drinks at Cafe Los and after that enjoy a party at club Prime which is open for 7 days a week.

This hotel location offers free wi-fi, air-conditioningpaid parking, dog-friendly room options, laundry service as well as their own restaurant located inside.  Book your stay here.

Hotel Contact Information

Stationsplein 49
1012 AB
The Netherlands

Tel: (+31)20/7219172

Fax: (+31)20/5222889


La Bohème Hotel (Located in the Center of Amsterdam)

Hotel La Bohème is situated in a historical building just in the heart of Amsterdam. One of the best features of this monumental building is its steep dutch staircases and classic Amsterdam appearance. This hotel has a certain charm with lovely rooms and options available to you. The dedicated staff works hard to live up to the hotels motto which is “Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it!” 

At the front desk you can book different kinds of excursions like a day trip to the history filled fishing villages or the well known windmills located at Zaanse Schans. This hotel can be easily reached by taking tram lines 1,2 or 5 from Amsterdam central station.

This hotel offers free wi-fi, a full bar, and a smoke-free environment.

Hotel Contact Information

Hotel La Boheme
Marnixstraat 415
1017 PK Amsterdam

Tel: 31 – (0)20 – 6242828



Stay Okay Hostel (Vondelpark Location)

Stay Okay Vondelpark is one of the largest hostels in AmsterdamThis location is near Leidseplein which is one of the most popular entertainment districts of the city. This location is a favorite due to its convenient location where you can get just about anywhere in the city in minutesStay Okay Vondelpark is also just a stone’s throw from the city’s shopping streets where you can enjoy an extensive range of exclusive stores.

When it comes to dining out after a long day of activities and shopping, Amsterdam has something to offer for everyoneNo matter the budget, time or even the type of food you like, you can find it here. It is located near the famous Hard Rock Cafe with a taste rock n’ roll theme American classics are served alongside delicious cocktails. As Amsterdam is a culturally diverse city there is always experiences to share.

After enjoying your time at Hard Rock Cafe you should visit the biggest casino and entertainment centre of Amsterdam: Holland CasinoIt is opposite the Hard Rock Cafe. Place your bets, meet new people, and have a drink in this great atmosphere!

Hostel Contact Information

Timorplein 21-A
1094 CC Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (0)20 – 55 13 133

Stay Okay Hostel (Stadsdoelen Location)

This Stay Okay is located in the city center near the famous Dam Square. If you are looking for a place to stay in the heart of Amsterdam, the ‘Stay Okay Stadsdoelen’ is definitely an Amsterdam hostel we can recommend. 

Start your day of at exploring the infamous Red Light District of Amsterdam.This district gives you an experience like never before and is definitely a must-visit if you are coming to Amsterdam for the first time. It is here you can find anything from the famous ‘red lights’ to nice shops and centers, who knows what you will find?

The best way to explore this history filled city is to take a relaxing canal cruise. There are several varieties of canal cruises to choose from such as a dinner cruise, cocktail cruise, pizza cruise and cheese & wine cruise.

Back at the hostel it is time to get ready and start your night out in Amsterdam.The hotel is a short walk from nightclubs such as Winston Kingdom where visitors can fully experience a great night outWinston Kingdom is a great club which is located in the heart of the red light district, It is a small underground club with great music and a long history of underground artists showing off their skills.

This hostel offers free wi-fi, a bar area, and a restaurant all in the same location.

Hostel Contact Information

Kloveniersburgwal 97
1011 KB Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (0)20 624 68 32

Fax: +31 (0)20 639 10 35


Stayokay Hostel (Zeeburg)

Stay Okay Zeeburg is located in a quiet, typical Amsterdam neighborhood 15 minutes away by bike or tram from Amsterdam Center. Starting your day of you can enjoy a movie or theatrical performance at Studio K, without even leaving the building.The special thing about Studio K is that the entire facility is managed by students. In a cozy living room atmosphere you can eat your food on the couch and watch a movie or another common activity that is popular amongst travelers here is renting a bike. This is perfect if you want to truly explore Amsterdam and its secrets, inside and out. Now it is time to discover the beauty of Amsterdam. 

On your way to Amsterdam Central you will pass the well-known Amsterdam Music Building (known as Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in dutch) where you can take a look inside.The building could be artfully described as a concrete box wrapped in a glass skin. But the to complete this beautiful picture this unique structure is surrounded by water. After visiting the Amsterdam music building head your way through the Amsterdam shopping center where you will get a taste of dutch culinary such as the amazing cheese store which is located near Amsterdam Centraal. Amsterdam’s cheesehouse Henri Willig is one of the famous cheese stores in Amsterdam known for its delicious dutch cheese.

After a day of exploring it is time to enjoy your night out in Amsterdam. One of the great clubs near Stay Okay Zeeburg is club PanamaThis is a club with a great variety of music genres. This nightclub is open from Thursday night through Sunday. Be sure you always check the opening times and party-agenda before visiting this nightclub.

This hostel offers free wi-fi, a bar, restaurant, laundromat, TV, and more.

Hotel Contact Information

Timorplein 21
1094 CC Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (0)20 551 31 90

Fax: +31 (0)20 623 49 86


Bob’s Youth Hostel (Located in West Amsterdam)

Bob’s youth hostel is a hostel for young travelers from all over the world. Clean, cheap and friendly are words to describe this hostel. Something special about Bob’s Youth Hostel is that young artists and travelers passing through decorated the rooms with nice works of art which make you feel at home. Here you will also find a bar, television, games, a book swap and other guests open to meeting new people.

The typical age group welcome here starts at 18 through 30 years old. Please take note that you will be declined at the door if you are younger or older than the ages given. A traveler under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by a legal gardian (for safety reasons) There are plenty of bars and venues to visit such as Duke of Windsor, a great bar for young people to meet each other and have a good time. If you’re with a group of going it alone, why not explore the rest of Amsterdam together?

The Amsterdam Center’s shopping center is near with only a 2 minute walk where you can get a taste of Amsterdam culture and enjoy some shopping. Bob’s hostel is a perfect location with only a 5 min walk to Central Station as well as Dam Square.

Tram line 1,2,5,12 and 17 stops in front of the door. The trams will take you to all the popular entertainment districts, you can easily walk towards all these location as well.

Hostel Contact Information

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 92
1012 SG, Amsterdam

Tel: +31(0)20-6230063

Email: (click here for designated contact page)

Dutchie’s Hostel (Located in West Amsterdam)

Dutchies Hostel is recently built and located in the West of Amsterdam. With its uniquely decorated rooms and various pieces of artwork hanging throughout each common area, it houses a very a modern look. With music always playing in the lounge and staff members who will make sure that everyone is comfortable, it creates a very relaxed and cool atmosphere. Guests can enjoy themselves with our pool table, watch a movie on our 65 inch television for the home cinema experience, or be old school and play classic games like Pacman with their 80’s arcade machines.

At this hostel there is a choice of 6, 8 and 10 bed dormitories. Most of the rooms are mixed dormitories, but we also offer female only rooms. Each dorm is cleaned very diligently as it is an important trait to this hostel.

Although they do not offer breakfast there is a fully equipped kitchen that guests can use to make their own meals and store their food. If you are feeling a little hungry there are  vending machines filled with drinks and snacks of only a euro or so.

Although Dutchie’s is not located in the city center, it is easily accessible by taking either the tram or the bus you will be there within 15 minutes. You can also rent bicycles at the reception for the full Amsterdam experience. Explore the center, walk along the many beautiful canals or visit a museum. Not sure what to do? Ask the staff for a recommendation.

Hotel Contact Information

Sara Burgerhartstraat 21A
1055 KV Amsterdam

Tel: +31 020 233 7446


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