Find out the best party zones as you learn more about Amsterdam Nightlife Areas. Your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket offers you plenty of experiences to spruce up your evening. At only €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days, you can partake in 7 fun-filled experiences and gain free access at over 20 nightclubs located all over Amsterdam.

Please note that it is forbidden to drink alcohol in public or carry open cans and bottles of alcoholic drinks in some parts of the city.
Learn more about the code of conduct and Amsterdam city fines here.

Explore Amsterdam Nightlife Areas like the Red Light District, famous for many scandalous reasons.


The District

Some of Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets are to be found at the Red Light District. With the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket, you can make your visit worth your while by taking advantage of the included perks and experiences and checking in at some of the best nightclubs to be found here.

The Clubs, Experiences, & Perks

Take a chance and dance through Amsterdam Nightlife Areas, courtesy of the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.


The District

There is a lot to indulge in at Amsterdam Central which explains why visitors, both local and international flock to this area. The Amsterdam Nightlife ticket offers you free access to some of the best nightclubs to be found here at just €10 for 2 days and 20 for 7 days.

The nightclubs are all conveniently located close to the Amsterdam Central Station.

The Clubs, Experiences, & Perks

Drink and have fun with friends at one of the Amsterdam Nightlife Areas


The District

Rembrandtsquare is one of Amsterdam’s party hotspots. Some of the coolest nightclubs in Amsterdam are to be found here all conveniently located to surround a single square.

If you are looking to party all night as you enjoy your favorite drinks, look out for club Escape or Air Amsterdam.

The Clubs, Experiences, & Perks

Explore Amsterdam Nightlife Areas starting with Leidsesquare.


The District

Dive into Amsterdam’s club and experience-packed district, Leidsesquare. Yet another of Amsterdam’s busy party zones, here you have a wide selection of some of the most popular clubs, bars and nightlife experiences in Amsterdam. Enjoy the best of what Leidsesquare has to offer with your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket at €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days.

You can also visit the Holland CasinoHard Rock Cafe, and Craft & Draft. And the great this is that all the clubs and experiences are a walking distance from each other so feel free to party hop and make the most of your stay at Leidsesquare.


The Clubs, Experiences, & Perks