The Best Way to Enjoy Amsterdam New Year’s Eve

Amsterdam has is one of the best places in Europe to spend your Amsterdam New Years Eve. Spectacular fireworks, street parties, and nightclubs combine to create mind-blowing experiences in the Dutch capital. It is the perfect time for both young and old to indulge in all that Amsterdam New Years Eve has to offer.  

Whether you enjoy the nightlife or are a romantic, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the things to do in Amsterdam on New Years Eve.

Enjoy Dutch Cuisine

Before you go out to take part in the festivities, it is always a good idea to have a full belly. There are plenty of menus from the local restaurants to suit any budget. The traditional oliebollen is a must have. These are round doughnuts that are coated with icing.

In fact, eating oliebollen is one of the traditions of ushering in the new year in the Netherlands. Its history goes back to ancient Germanic times where it was believed that oliebollen would ward off evil spirits.

These tasty doughnuts are available in street vendors that are hard to miss. Since the demand does go up on Amsterdam New Year’s Eve however, you can expect a long queue.

amsterdam new years eve

Watch the Fireworks

Nothing beats the fireworks on Amsterdam New Years Eve. To view them in all their glory and splendor, it is a good choice to book a restaurant with a rooftop view. Locals are known to climb to the roofs of their houses. As a traveler, you may not be well acquainted with locals. The alternative is a hotel room with a panoramic view.

Join the Locals in the Streets

If you prefer to be outside during Amsterdam New Year’s Eve, then the streets and canals of Amsterdam are not void of scenes to catch your attention. Join the locals as they hold unofficial parties, DIY fireworks, and beer tents.

This is especially the case in the streets of Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein and Dam square. Crowds can get a bit rowdy so it is advisable to approach with caution.

Don’t forget to have your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket with you to make the most of New Year’s Eve. During this festive time, you will enjoy awesome packages that are announced a few months prior. Make sure to checkout the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket website to stay well informed.

You have to be quick about it though as tickets are sold out before New Year’s Eve. Get yours by purchasing online at just €10 for 2 days and €20 for 7 days free access to some of the best nightclubs in the city.

Partake in the New Year Dip

Thousands of local residents as well as international tourists engage in the New Year Dip every 1st January. This has developed into a tradition where people take off their clothes and enter the cold waters of the North Sea. If you prefer to remain on the sidelines however, you can enjoy a hot mug of pea soup as you take in the friendly party atmosphere.