Amsterdam on New Years Eve


amsterdam on new years eve

Amsterdam is one of the best places in Europe to spend your New Year’s Eve. Spectacular fireworks, street parties, and nightclubs combine to create the ultimate celebrations in this Dutch capital.

For New Year’s Eve, Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket provides an NYE nightlife package starting at just €10. The New Year’s Eve package brings you all of the great nightlife options found on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket with the additions of:

Exclusive Entrance to 3 of Amsterdam’s top NYE Parties

A Bottle of Champagne (serves 6 people)

All you need is just 1 ticket to spend your holiday the perfect way, with a great experience every time. For more information about this ticket and your New Year’s Eve options, please click here.

Join the Locals in the City Centre

The reasons to visit Amsterdam are endless. Winter, Spring, Summer and fall, your options are aplenty. When it comes to New Year’s Eve in this awesome city, the game goes to the next level. The holidays in the Netherlands are warm, inviting, exciting and awe-inspiring.

Locals reciprocate a cheerful mood through socializing, food, and crazy events. Join the locals in the city center to get a magical holiday experience.

Enjoy food stands filled with fresh baked traditional treats and foods. Meet and learn about locals and their traditions and try participating in some local events put on by the city or the shopping centers.

New Years Eve in Amsterdam is the perfect time to share a kiss, a bite, or even the time for creating new experiences with old and new friends.

There is definitely enough beer to go around, and mixed drinks. The Dutch love their beer, champagne, and ollibollen during these holidays.

Make sure to check out what experiences and other nightlife extras you can receive with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Other bars, clubs, and events prior to NYE night are at your fingertips.

The New Years Eve packages are also available to save time, add good experiences and plan your stay perfectly. 

Celebrate with Traditional Cuisine

As mentioned previously, the Dutch LOVE their traditional foods and drinks. This is a large part of the culture in the Netherlands and is celebrated all over the country, even in Belgium.

For centuries, the Dutch have enjoyed delicacies like various fried bread and sweet doughs that are normally consumed on New Year’s.

Thinking of grabbing a bit before heading out to celebrate the New Year? Well, bypass all of the lines and waiting time to get your delicious snacks and meals with the UberEATS Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket discount. Benefit from €10 off every first order.

Not sure which traditional Dutch foods to get? We have compiled a list of participating UberEATS restaurants that sell all of the local and favorite foods and desserts. To read more about which food to order, click here.

The most important part of any big night out is a full stomach. This ensures you have enough energy to kick those drinks back and enjoy some champagne and shooters.

Uber will also bring you to your door after every night out. For every first ride on Uber, you also receive another €10 Uber discount to keep you warm and arriving safely.

Watch Fireworks Throughout the City

At New Year’s Eve, there isn’t much that can top the fireworks. This romantic, historic, and epic city holds some of the world’s best parties and celebrations. During this time, Amsterdam lights up into a holiday wonderland.

Because of Amsterdam’s immense popularity, lines to most bars and clubs can become impossibly long, affecting one’s overall experience leading up to the new year. If you are visiting Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve, the best place to be is at a great event in the very heart of the city.

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket presents the New Years Eve Packages which grants you with access to 3 different parties and 3 of the most popular club venues in Leidseplein, a popular nightlife district for both locals and tourists around the world.

No New Years Eve would be complete without some fireworks. Amsterdam is known for its DIY fireworks, light shows and more. Make sure you have your plans set in stone to truly get the most out of this gorgeous, festive city and catch some firework action with loved ones. 

The New Year’s Eve Package grants you access to 3 different events on New Year’s Eve, the night and the new year is completely up to you.

Beat Lines with the New Years Eve Package

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket brings to the table a complete New Years Eve, the likes that Amsterdam has never seen before.

The best options for your NYE celebrations begins with your ticket. Just 1 ticket grants you access to 3 different New Years Eve celebrations in the heart of Amsterdam.

What could be better than options? More options! Currently offered as an add-on for the New Years Eve Package is an ice cold bottle of Champagne. Add this perk to your ticket to really get the party started.

Pop some bottles with friends in the comfort of the party and then try out all your party options for your magical evening.

Because New Year’s Eve is such a busy and bustling time, Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket wanted to give its customers a new, fun-packed option to skip all the waiting and the lines in the cold.

With your exclusive access to all included in the NYE Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can enjoy just that and so much more.

Curious which parties and perks you can get with you New Years Eve Packages? For more information or to book your very own New Years Eve tickets, keep scrolling down.

New Years Eve

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket | New Years Eve Packages

NYE Packages & Details

€10 New Year’s Eve Package

  • Exclusive Access to 3 Different Parties on NYE
  • Participating locations included on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

€50 New Year’s Eve Package

  • Includes Chilled Bottle of Champagne & Service (serves 6 people)
  • Exclusive Access to 3 Different Parties on NYE
  • Participated Locations Included on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

The Parties

  1. No. 129 New Year’s Eve Party (club event)
  2. Surprise Party New Year’s Eve Party (club event)
  3. OFFICIAL Amsterdam Nightlife NYE 2018 Party (main event)