Are you wondering whats on tonight? Luckily for you, there is always something to do here in Amsterdam every day of the week. Stay informed about which Amsterdam clubs and experiences are open and which nights are the best to attend. Whats on tonight? Amsterdam.

Below you will find the best places to go Monday-Wednesday, Thursday and Friday-Sunday. If you are feeling unsure of your plans for the night these locations are sure to turn it all around.

(Please Note: Each experience, club/bar and extras are all included on your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.)

leidseplein amsterdam whats on


Got a case of the Mondays? We’ve got a fix for you. With your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you will have access to all of the Amsterdam clubs, bars, experiences and more that are listed and you can see what is on tonight, tomorrow, and the next day.

When going out during the early week you may find certain clubs are closed, not as busy or perhaps not as fun as you’d hope.

Because it is earlier in the week, some locations are open shorter and end earlier. To avoid a bad night try choosing from the list provided. These locations are open and usually busy.

Please Note: We advise you to visit these experiences and/or clubs slightly earlier than you might normally. For example, De Heffer would be a great choice for a beer and bites around 9:00 PM or so, when they become busy on Mondays-Wednesdays.

paradiso amsterdam whats on


Thursday nights always mark the begging to Amsterdam clubs and crazy nightlife weekend. We like to call it the ‘calm before the storm’.

While this is one of the more livelier nights not everything is open for the weekend yet.

Make sure to have a look at the list provided so that you can guarantee you and your friends a solid night out in Amsterdam.

We advise you to dress fresh and clean upon attending these places as some clubs and venues don’t allow just any dress code.

Please Note: While the majority of Amsterdam clubs, bars and experiences are open, please make sure you check their opening times. The clubs listed become busier later in the evening. We advise you to line up around 11:30 – 12:00 PM. 

rembrandtplein escape amsterdam whats on


And so begins a perfect weekend (we think). Find out whats on tonight or for your whole weekend. Friday and Saturday are seen as the two biggest nights out in Amsterdam.

People, including yourself, will come from all over the world to experience a true ‘Dam week. Tourists and locals unite to celebrate life amongst the vibrant nightlife districts.

Please be aware that because of the popularity of these nights the crowds will be big and the lines long. To avoid waiting forever in lines with your friends, arrive early 11/11:30 PM or earlier. This applies especially to the larger, more popular clubs like Escape or Panama.

And finally, dress codes. Dressing well is very important in Amsterdam’s Nightlife. The Dutch like to see their attendees looking fresh and clean. This means that dirty/sporty sneakers, sports apparel and hats are not allowed inside. To avoid being denied club or experience entry, educate yourself here on the dress codes.

Please Note: Weekends in Amsterdam are busy, fun and exciting. Please be sure to drink responsibly, dress well and stay alert for anyone trying to sell you drugs or other substances.