Let us treat you to one cocktail!

Do you fancy a cocktail?
Order your favorite cocktail and let us surprise you with a second one. 

Chilling on the couch or out for dinner? Clubbing’ or on a date with your friend(s)?
It might be time for some cocktails! The best and most unique cocktail bars are based in Amsterdam. We have chosen the most amazing places for you where you can enjoy a fantastic cocktail experience. Whether you fancy a familiar cocktail or a new exciting creation, everything is possible! At Bar C you can discover and taste new cocktails. The locations of the cocktail bars change every month so you can enjoy the best cocktails at various locations. You can enjoy our treat once per location.

Let us make you happy with the perfect drink at the bar. ‘’De Cocktailkaart’’ (means the Cocktail Card in Dutch) is exclusively for you since you are an Amsterdam Nightlife member, Cheers!

Buy one and get one from us, as an Amsterdam Nightlife member we treat you to the second cocktail
+ The locations of the cocktail bars change at least once a month
+ Enjoy the most delicious cocktails at the most special cocktail bars in Amsterdam

ⓘ Frequently asked questions:
How can you use the Cocktail card?
Very easy! You receive an e-pass with a code in your account. Whenever you feel like it, you go to the location with the e-pass and the e-pass will be scanned! Order your cocktail and enjoy!

If you may have any other questions, check our faq page here or sent us a message via our live chat.



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Let us treat you to one cocktail!
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