Biu!Tea Experience
A cup of fresh fusion tea | €5

Can you really have an amazing experience with a drink?

Well, once you have seen, and tasted the Bui!Tea you will most definitely say yes! The premium selection of leaves from the most authentic tea plantations in Asia, commits to the best quality in the Netherlands in order to deliver a real tea enjoyment, pure and fresh with every sip.

Each cup is created with passion, resonating with the importance of tea in Chinese culture, as a form of ritual and a social activity. Thus, every aspect of this drink, from the selection of fusions to the design of the cup, aims to deliver an excellent experience, perfect for a summer stroll/hangout with your date or for a well deserved “treat yourself” present.

Now, exclusively for Nightlife members you can choose any of the tea’s for €5 and the large ones for €6.
Go and experience it yourself!

+ Location rated with 4.5⭐ based on Google reviews
+ The best bubble tea experience of Amsterdam with only authentic ingredients.
+ Two very nice locations in the City centre
+ Exclusive offer for Nightlife members only
+ Perfect for your date or as a treat yourself present

A few honorable mentions from guests:

"TAll the way from the Hague to Amsterdam to try out biu tea (2 times in 1 week, tried both locations). Love the fruit tea and love the cute new logo!! Definitely recommended <3"

Natalia Plaza
"Great shop! Good prices, huge size. The Jasmine tea is really fresh and you can change all the bubbles!"

Check all Google reviews here.

During these opening hours you can enjoy your relax night out:

Monday       1 PM – 8 PM
Tuesday   1 PM – 8 PM
Wednesday   1 PM – 8 PM
Thursday   1 PM – 9 PM
Friday   1 PM – 9 PM
Saturday   1 PM – 9 PM
Sunday   1 PM – 8 PM


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Biu!Tea Experience
A cup of fresh fusion tea | €5
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