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Lil’ Amsterdam: A place where Contemporary Art meets entrepreneurship and business

In a city of countless wonders and unique places, Lil’ Amsterdam has become an iconic institution in no time. A pop-up mall, located at an untraditional but emblematic place – the Amsterdam Central Station, it perfectly reflects what Amsterdam is all about – art, design, fashion, food, and culture.

With inspiration being the main driving force behind this relatively new shopping destination, Lil’ Amsterdam is a place that never stops changing. Imagine a living exhibition that combines all the unique aspects of Amsterdam in less than 20 shops.

When you think of Lil ‘Amsterdam, forget about your normal understanding of a shopping center as you have never seen one just like this. It is a contemporary art paradise where you will find a wide variety of local Dutch brands related to art, beauty, and fashion.

Lil’ Amsterdam is a place created with the sole purpose to fill people with positive emotions, motivation, and inspiration, which is why you shouldn’t visit just because you have some spare time while waiting for your train. Believe me, you will soon regret not having more time to stay.

Besides the abundance of unique shops, Lil’ Amsterdam has also become the first choice for exhibitors of all kinds. Whether it is art or fashion, beauty or wellness, or even food, there is always a unique exhibition to see in Lil’ Amsterdam. And if you are in need of a good cup of coffee, delicious food or even a good drink, Lil’ Club will take good care of your needs.


For access to Lil' Amsterdam, you need to be 25+. ID is required

A place for Untraditional events and parties

For locals of the city, it has become a destination where different people can connect through their passions. It is a place where you go to seek much-needed inspiration. For non-locals, it gives a clear message of what to expect from the unique city of Amsterdam.

And the next time your travels take you to Amsterdam, make sure you leave some time to wander through the shopping hub again because none of the shops and exhibitions here are permanent. Some change within months, others within a year, but Lil’ Amsterdam remains a focal point for Dutch contemporary art.

Lil’ Amsterdam is always free to enter during the working hours from 11:00 am to 8 pm but there are also organizing awesome evening parties & events. Tickets for these events are being sold separately on their website and mostly cost around the 15 Euro. 

With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can now enter each of the Lil’ Amsterdam hosted  public events. All you need to do is choose your 1, 2 or 7 days Nightlife Ticket and browse through the Special events at Lil’ Amsterdam. Make sure you strictly add the Special events you wish to attend to your purchase free of charge, as it would otherwise not be possible to pass the entrance with your Nightlife Ticket. 

Lil’ Club is where you can enjoy great food,  drinks, music and parties inside one of the most creative places in Amsterdam. Make sure you experience this Lil great part of Amsterdam, because it definitely worth spending your evening out!


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Opening hours:
Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday: 11:00 – 20:00
Monday & Wednesday: 11:00 – 19:00

On Special events open till 02.00

Check all special events from Lil Amsterdam here.

Stationsplein 31 – 33, 1012 AA Amsterdam


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