Amsterdam Nightlife

General information

If you are looking for a trip that offers new experiences at every turn,this is the one for you. A perfect getaway for lone travelerscouples, and groups in the world. Now, imagine you had one ticket that would help you experience more for less? We know, it sounds too good to be true…

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Rules to Know in Amsterdam

Drink, Drugs, Dress code, Laws

Amsterdam is a city of fun and lively parties. With the laid-back approach to sex, drugs, and alcohol any first-time visitor can view this as the land of ‘anything goes’. However, there still are rules in Amsterdam that any visitor needs to abide by.

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Transportation in Amsterdam

Navigation Tips

The city of Amsterdam sees eager visitors year-round from all over the world, due to its reputation as an excellent destination for parties, scenery and overall fun. The city boasts a remarkable transportation network to help you commute including trams, buses, taxis, and trains. 

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Winter in Amsterdam


Looking to plan a trip to Amsterdam? Luckily for you, every season has its perks and charm. In the Netherlands, winter is from December through March. These colder months make for a very special winter experience whether you’re traveling alone, with a loved one, or a nice group of friends.

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Spring in Amsterdam


Spring in Amsterdam is a time of light and of blooming life. The spring season brings us longer days, lush trees and flowers as well as the blooming time of the famous tulips. The spring months in the Netherlands are from April through June.

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