December 16, 2016

Stone’s Café

In this image you will see an image of neon letters with the text Red Light District. Here is Stone's Nightclub . Stone's Nightclub is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
On this image you will see the bartender at Stone's Nightclub shots. Stone's Nightclub is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket. Stone's Nightclub

Enjoy a great beer in Amsterdam at a cosy pub in Amsterdam

Stone's Nightclub Red Light District is a must visit

The bar or pub is located in the centre of the Red Light District. A pub in Amsterdam is very unique because in the first place it is a character from England. One day two Dutch man and three English men wanted to combine both worlds together. They attached great importance to international trends and bring this back through the different music genres. They serve a lot of different beer brands to give the people the real Pub feeling. The most popular beer in Amsterdam is of course Heineken. This makes Stone’s Café one of the best pubs in the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

Many of the local residents and workers from surrounding bars and clubs have also made the Stones Café a home from home. This is a great mix of locals and tourists. Dress casual when visiting club Stone’s café. Some nice trousers, jeans and a jacket will do just fine. Ladies, wear a nice dress but most important is to dress fresh and do not look like a mess.

It is important to know for the non-smokers that Stone’s Café aloes smoking inside. This includes soft drugs also. Be aware that it can be full of smoke inside. The people who are coming to Stone’s Café treat each other like family. This is because of the small space, but also because you meet the same people more and more.

This can be, for example, at the bar, but also at the toilets or on the dance floor. No one has ever regret visiting Stone’s Café! Since the start in 1994 beer in Amsterdam became popular among tourists.