Wanna celebrate the Stag and Hen way? We think Amsterdam is the perfect place to celebrate it right. Explore Amsterdam’s Red Light District or start your night gambling in Amsterdam’s largest casino. 

Prefer to get the brews flowing? Luckily free drinks and complimentary shots are all the menu and can be found at different locations throughout the city with your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Just the boys? Just the girls? You can plan your night out whichever and with whoever you want with your very own Stag and Hen party.

Celebrate your stag and hen party in Amsterdam.

We hope to see you soon and if you want to have anything extra or a different package included in your programs like a stripper, limousine or a VIP area (with drinks/bottles), just send an e-mail to! We will make sure that you and your group have the best Stag and Hen Party ever!

What Is a Stag and Hen Party?

Many who have experienced, planned or attended a Stag and Hen party are not always sure what the terms mean exactly or where they originated from. Interestingly enough the word “Hen” dates back as far as the 1620’s and was a slang term for ‘Lady’. For men the term “Stag” can be found in as many as three different cultures and originally meant ‘male in his prime’ or ‘exclusively male’.

Stag and Hen parties have been enjoyed by many for centuries but only broke free of its traditional expectations quite recently as the early 60’s and 70’s. In the 90’s Stag and Hen parties Became equally as Important for women as men and a necessary tradition to have before a wedding. Stag and Hen parties are much like a bachelor and bachelorette party however are typically planned later than Stag and Hen celebrations and with a more relaxed feel to it all.

In the 2000’s Stag and Hen parties adopted an “anything goes” attitude which sparked the wave of stretch limos, crazy parties, strippers, genital shaped candy and so much more scandalous and crazy humor. It is a way you and your loved ones can come together to celebrate the last moments of “free” life. If you are celebrating with both Stags and Hens, co-ed parties are an option for you. When the groups mix they call this a ‘Hag Do’ which is actually the more popular option. So, why not mix it up and go all out?

How Can We Help You Plan?

Our team recognizes the stress and struggles of planning that big party before your big day. We know how difficult it can be managing two groups (or one) as well as agreeing on what to do during your trip.

With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket we have done the planning for you with free entry to over 20+ nightclubs and bars, free drinks and shots at participating locations, as well as perks for the whole group like an Uber credit of 10 euros on your first ride, uberEATS discount of 10 euro, and makeup touch-ups at the famous Douglas Parfumerie. Click here to learn more about whats included on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

If you aren’t sure how to plan your nights or which days are the best at the Clubs and Experiences included on the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket you can check out our ‘Tips’ and ‘What’s on Tonight’ pages to help plan your week.

With so many nightlife experiences to choose from we believe you can have the best nights of your life, all right here in Amsterdam. For ticket information, questions or concerns please click here.

We hope to see you soon!