December 16, 2016

Nightclub Panama

On this image you will see the historic building of nightclub Panama Amsterdam. Nightclub Panama is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
These images show the inside of Panama's nightclub. There are many dancing people and a big bright yellow light. Club Panama is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Enjoy the best techno in Amsterdam by visiting one of the best clubs in Amsterdam!

Party harder - visit Nightclub Panama

With Night Club Panama Amsterdam being close to the Central Station of Amsterdam you can easily take tram 26 from Central Station, or when you are partying at the Leidse Square you can take tram 10 to Club Panama. Panama Amsterdam is in a building that used to be a warehouse, the building is centuries old. In Nightclub Panama there are mainly house and techno parties, but if you want to know which DJ’s and parties are programmed for your nights out please click here.

Nightclub Panama provides the best parties and the best techno in Amsterdam! Club Panama is one of the biggest nightclubs in Amsterdam and can fit up to 1000+ party people every night. Panama is also one of the most known nightclubs who spins techno in Amsterdam. Panama is open from Thursday through Sunday from 10 PM till 4/5 AM. During the day you can eat and drink something in the restaurant. You can also enjoy some good cocktails at club Panama! For all the exact opening times, please click here.

The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket will provide direct (free) admission to the parties in Panama which is one of the best clubs in Amsterdam. Visit Panama with a Casual chic dress code. That means for the men nice trousers or jeans with a shirt, or when it is hot outside an elegant t-shirt. To finish the outfit add some nice details like a stylish belt, a watch, classy shoes and you’re ready to go. For the women, the casual chic look leaves you with a lot of options.

However, you can visit our dress code page here for more detailed information. Try out our after night reset drink and buy two for the price of one! Nobody likes a hangover and this will do just fine! Check the Amsterdam Nightlife Page for the party agenda of Panama.