December 15, 2016

Nightclub Candela

On this image you will see the bar of Nightclub Candela Amsterdam. Club Candela Amsterdam is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
On this picture you will see celebrating people from Nightclub Candela Amsterdam. Club Candela is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Ready to party in Amsterdam? Make sure to visit club Candela !

Nightclub Candela is for everyone who wants to experience the Amsterdam disco vibe

Nightclub Candela is a near the Leidse Square in the centre of Amsterdam.  This is where the nightlife is booming, especially during the weekends. Nightclub Candela provides the best Latin, Pop, Electro and Rock music. Every night from 8 pm there is a party with a variety of music and activities. You can get a wide variety of shots, cocktails, beers and other drinks in Club Candela. A free welcome shot is included if you show your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Club Candela is a medium sized club with Latin club nights but also with karaoke nights. Candela is very good in creating an Amsterdam disco vibe. You can really party in Amsterdam with all these nightclubs, but Candela knows how to make every night count. The bartenders are also a part of the vibe. They do this by the way they serve drinks and ring the bell behind the bar if a song is really popular. This really hypes people up

If you are visiting Amsterdam for your bachelor party, Club Candela is a great place to do that. Within two years Candela exists for ten years, that is a real milestone! Locals are visiting Candela a lot and mostly in the weekend. The startup off Candela was with the meaning of creating a place where people want to dance and not only want to drink something.

It is also possible to celebrate your party here (birthday or another kind of parties. Whatever your reason is, you are welcome at Club Candela to party in Amsterdam or to experience a real Amsterdam disco vibe. A casual look will do good in this club, with neatly trousers or jeans, a shirt that fits your pants.