November 7, 2016

Amsterdam Nightlife Info

Amsterdam is known in Holland as the city that never sleeps. The bars and nightclubs are open seven days a week. There are bars that are open every day and the larger nightclubs are usually open starting from Wednesday night. The Rembrandtplein has great nightclubs and bars such as Prime and club Escape. Starting from Thursday Escape entertains you with the best DJ’s at parties such as Big Night out and Epic on Sunday. With the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket, you get free entrance for seven days. Rembrandtplein is a place where you can go to if you are a real party animal, even in the middle of the week.

On this image you will see celebrating people in falling confetti at Nightclub Escape Amsterdam. Club Escape is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
On this image you will see the inside of Prime Night Nightmare with a paaldans pole in the middle and then in pink letters "Prime". Nightclub Prime is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

The majority of the nightclubs at Leidseplein are included in the Amsterdam Nightlife package. If you think a certain club is too quiet at the moment you can walk to The Holland Casino. Maybe you have some luck and you win a great amount of money! On the Leidseplein you have the possibility to use your Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket varied! So let’s get the party started today!

Before your nightlife experience starts you would like to have a nice dinner, right?

The Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket includes a ten euro credit when you order your favorite food in Amsterdam. There are a lot of options for a delicious dinner. Typical food in Amsterdam are pancakes, stands with shoarma and of course the famous mashed potato stew. After dinner and your night out you can also order an Uber cab and you will get the first fifteen euros for free.

When  you return back home you can say that you have discovered the Nightlife in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Nightlife Entertainment Districts

From the Leidseplein, it is a less than 15-minute-walk to the Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt square). Here you will find Amsterdam’s most famous nightclub Escape centred at the heart of this square. This large venue is hard to miss and should be visited when discovering the nightlife of Amsterdam.

Escape is always on top of the newest technologies in sound and visuals. The biggest DJ’s from the Netherlands perform here every week.
Opposite club Escape you will find the Urban-eclectic Club Prime, which is very popular amongst the locals and open every night of the week.

Red Light District
No visit to the city is complete if you haven’t seen the hottest area in town: The Amsterdam Red Light District is a must visit.
From naughty peep-shows, adult stores and burlesque to great nightclubs like the Red Light Bubbels and yeah, of course, the red-pink-colored windows.

Here you will get a great taste of what Amsterdam has to offer. But make sure you visit this area at night.
At daytime you will be a bit disappointed because the streets are quiet, canals look bleak and many experiences are closed.

One of the most popular entertainment districts in Amsterdam is Leidseplein (Leidse square).
Here you will find a dozen of nightclubs and venues that offer a great nightlife experience.

What used to be an old church back in de 60’s, has been renovated to one of Amsterdam’s most popular nightclub Paradiso.Many legendary artists such as Snoop Dogg, Robbie Williams and the Rolling Stones has rocked the stage in this venue.
Starting weekly from Wednesday until Sunday, there are great parties to attend at Paradiso.

2There are many nightclubs at the Leidseplein which are open night, offering great line-ups with a high variety of music genres.
With so many nightclubs and bars, it can be difficult to choose where to go. Therefore the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket can be your guide for the best nightlife experience in Amsterdam.

In this image you will see an image of neon letters with the text Red Light District. Here is Stone's Nightclub . Stone's Nightclub is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
On this picture you will see a dancing girl in the nightclub Winston Kingdom Amsterdam. Winston Kingdom is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Popular days to party in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you can find great parties 7 days a week. For most of the locals, the party-week starts on Thursday. This is also known as THE student-night-out. You will find many clubs during this day of the week focusing on a student-theme. There are also extra benefits for those who can prove that they are studying in Amsterdam.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are by far the best nights out for clubbing in Amsterdam. During these days (weekend) you will find the best parties however, prices at the door (and pre-sale as well) are more expensive than other parties during the rest of the week at the same nightclubs.

Holland Casino

When visiting Amsterdam there are some great venues you should visit when you really want to experience the best nightlife Amsterdam has to offer.
Nearby the Leidseplein entertainment district there are some great nightlife experiences besides the nightclubs.
If you are the type of person who likes to place a bet, have a chat and sip a cocktail, you are definitely in the right area of Amsterdam.

The biggest casino and entertainment centre of Amsterdam ‘Holland Casino’ is located on the Max Euweplein, just around the corner of Leidseplein.
This is a must visit if you are feeling lucky or if you just want to relax and enjoy a drink in a great ambience.

The entrance fee at Holland Casino is 5 euro. Tip: Do not forget your ID card. No ID = No Entrance.
With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you will receive free admission at Holland Casino for 7 days including a free drink.

Cocktails at Hard Rock Café

Walk across the Max Euweplein and you will see the big glowing Hard Rock Café logo.
You probably know what to expect from this venue.
But if you are new to the concept of this world famous ‘place to be’ you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hop in for some of the best cocktails Amsterdam has to offer.
With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you get 2 for 1 on all cocktails every day.

When planning to visit Amsterdam with a large group of guys, it can be hard to find the right locations and experiences which suit your desires.
It wouldn’t do any harm, to do a little bit of scheduling. Many nightclubs and bars are happy to welcome large groups, but definitely not all.

To avoid disappointments here are some tips: dress fresh, don’t look like a mess. Entering a fancy nightclub with many guys at the same time will most of the time be a big NONO. So split up in small groups or find some girls who are looking for a dance, having a drink or well. I guess you get the point.

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