May 7, 2017

Amsterdam Nightclubs and Experiences Blog

General Information

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

If you are looking for a trip that comes with new experiences at every turn, this is the one. A perfect getaway for lone travelerscouples, and groups of any kind. Now, imagine you had one ticket that would help you experience more for less? We know, it sounds way too good to be true… read on for more general information about Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.

Amsterdam has many local restaurants and bars with great food and small bites.
Explore Amsterdam with a boat cruise or by walking alone these gorgeous, historical canals.
Enjoy your food in Vondelpark alongside other tourists and dutch locals.

Three Different Ways to Plan Your Nights Out

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Amsterdam, the city of sin is the perfect place to spend a unique and new vacation. Packed with history, diversity, and electric nightlife scene, this city is a destination not to miss out on. On behalf of the Nightlife Ticket team we have put together three special nights to inspire you and yours. Often we see couplesand larger groups of friends traveling together so we wanted to cater to exactly that.

Stag and Hen Parties

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket

Many who have experienced, planned and attended a Stag or a Hen party don’t actually know what the terms mean. Interestingly enough the term ‘hen’ dates back as far as 1620’s and was a stand term for ‘lady’. For men, the term ‘stag’ can be found in as many as three different cultures and originally meant ‘male in his prime’ or ‘exclusively male’.

Traditional Dutch Foods

Courtesy of UberEATS

Order traditional dutch foods with your UberEATS discount and complete your Amsterdam experience. We have provided a list of Amsterdam’s best restaurants and bakeries that are home to some of the most finger-licking recipes in the city. From sweets, to hardy meals we have put together a list of our favorite places to get delicious, traditional dutch foods.

Club Panama in Amsterdam free entrance with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket
On this picture you will see a dancing girl in the nightclub Winston Kingdom Amsterdam. Winston Kingdom is included in the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket.
2 for 1 Lasertagging, Glow mini golf or Bowling with an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket at Powerzone Amsterdam.


Nightclubs and Experiences

Amsterdam is known in Holland as the city that never sleeps . The bars and nightclubs are open seven days a week. There are bars that are open every day and the larger nightclubs are usually open starting from Wednesday night. The Rembrandtplein has great nightclubs and bars such as Prime and club Escape. Starting from Thursday Escape entertains you with the best DJ’s at parties such as Big Night out and Epic on Sunday. With the Amsterdam Nightlife ticket you get free entrance for seven days. Rembrandtplein is a place where you can go to if you are a real party animal, even in the middle of the week.


Nightclubs and Experiences

Club Escape is the biggest club at the Rembrandt square in Amsterdam. On Thursday and Sunday night you can enter Club Escape for free with your Amsterdam Nightlife ticket. Enjoy the greatest DJ’S such as Billy The kid, Ziggy and many more.Club Escape renovated its interior completely, it is a real must see. Club Escape has multiple floors and halls, every room has its own music from electro to party music,from R&B to Afro music, there is always a music genre suited to you.

Amsterdam Central

Nightclubs and Experiences

Night club Panama is the most wanted club located nearby the center of Amsterdam. It exists for more than sixteen years. Panama works with a lot of big brands. The famous restaurant HAPPYHAPPYJOYJOY serves food and drinks in Panama. They organize small events but also club parties that have room for 1050 party people. The workers at Panama will always give you a service in the best possible way. The biggest milestone is the visit of Alicia Keys in 2001. But there are more artists like; Benny Rodrigues, Abstract division, Ales Mine and many more. Check the website for more information about the artists and upcoming events.

Red Light District

Nightclubs and Experiences

Winston Kingdom started as the bar of the Art Hotel Winston. Now, years later Winston Kingdom is a nightclub on its own with several music genres, activities and it is known as an underground club. There used to be a lot of visitors who liked poetry, art and a lot of creative musicians. This has changed into an nightclub with different kinds of party people. Winston kingdom is located in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam, nearby the red light district. There are many other nightclubs located at the Red Light District.